Once elected to City Council, Greg Knell’s goals are clear – getting things done and maintaining a San Rafael that works for our whole community.  Greg’s top priorities include:

  • COVID-19 Safety. This means taking the necessary precautions and putting the wellbeing of our community first. On the San Rafael City School Board, Greg has kept our students and teachers safe by listening to the experts. 
  • Public Health. A longtime public health advocate, Greg co-founded RxSafe Marin, which took the opiate crisis head-on by creating drop-off boxes all over Marin to dispose of unused prescription drugs, keeping them out of our landfills, out of our water supply, and out of the wrong hands. His work became a model that other cities have followed. 
  • Fighting Climate Change. Greg supports San Rafael’s Climate Action Plan, which includes investing in renewable energy, green businesses and marsh restoration. Greg has been a lifetime advocate of environmental stewardship and was instrumental in recreating the Santa Margarita Creek. Greg is proud to be endorsed by The Sierra Club.
  • Wildfire Preparedness. Greg participated in the Steering Committee and coordinated the North San Rafael effort of the campaign for the critical 2020 Wildfire Prevention Measure, Measure C. Their work resulted in increased coordinated wildfire prevention including early detection, warning, and alerts; reducing vegetation; ensuring defensible space around homes, neighborhoods and critical infrastructure; and improving disaster evacuation routes and procedures. Greg was also on the steering committee and worked tirelessly for 2013’s Measure E, which resulted in three new fire stations and a public safety building in San Rafael. In addition, Greg ran the 4 Paramedic Parcel campaigns out of his printing offices on 3rd St. which provides enhanced Emergency Services for San Rafael Residents during Fire and other emergencies. Greg continues to be a fire safety advocate and his record has earned him the endorsements of the Marin Professional Firefighters, the San Rafael Firefighters Association and the Fire Prevention construction Union, the Fire Sprinklerfitters local 483.
  • Preserving City Services during a Crisis. Greg will prioritize balancing the budget while protecting our much needed services, just like he did on the San Rafael City School Board. These are precarious times, and it’s important to have leadership that will not put our essential services on the chopping block.   
  • Town Center Plan for Terra Linda at Northgate. Instead of letting Costco take over our neighborhood and bring in traffic congestion, Greg favors a plan that promotes local business and responsible growth. Greg will bring people together to reach a consensus for the town center. 
  • Preserving Our Neighborhood Character. Greg stands for preserving R-1 zoning and ensuring that our historic Eichler homes are protected via zoning overlays. He knows that San Rafael is a special community and will not support any development that would change that.
  • Serving Our Essential Workers. Greg respects our essential workers and low-income residents. On the school board Greg worked with social workers to expand food benefits to the families of food insecure students. Once elected, he will continue to be an advocate by wiring neighborhoods in need with broadband internet and fighting for affordable housing. 
  • Reforming Policing. Greg’s wife and daughters are African-American/Cherokee and he understands the challenges surrounding racial justice and police reform, as well as the need for supporting public safety. He agrees with Police Chief Bishops initiatives for de-escalation, transparency and the ban of chokeholds.
  • Supporting Our Aging Population. As the caretaker of his 96-year-old mother, this is a personal issue for Greg. He is a member of the California Association of Retired Americans, and as a Councilmember he will support expanded senior housing and will do everything in his power to protect Social-Security and Medicare.