Meet Greg

Greg Knell has lived in North San Rafael with his wife Vickie for over 30 years, where they raised their two daughters. While running a union print shop in San Rafael for the last 36 years, he has lived a life of service and has always made time to be a community advocate and leader. Greg holds a BA from UCSB, where he was the 1970 student body president, attended UCLA Law School and holds a masters in Governance from the California School Boards Association. 

Greg co-founded RxSafe Marin, which became a model for fighting proscription drug and abuse and the opioid crisis
Greg co-founded RxSafe Marin, creating drop-off boxes all over Marin to dispose of unused prescription drugs, keeping them out of our landfill, water and the wrong hands.

Walking the Talk

Greg doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the talk. He has been a leader in many community groups and has worked on ballot measures for transportation, libraries, paramedic services, police and fire.

As Co-chair RxSafe Marin, Greg took on drug companies and made them pay for the waste disposal that had burdened taxpayers, while reducing the number of opioid prescriptions by 40%. Greg’s work became a model for state and local opioid epidemic fighting teams.

As president of Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association, he spearheaded the Del Ganado Gateway Project, Recreate The Creek which raised over $100,000 to re-create the Santa Margarita Creek as a beautiful native plant median. If you enjoy our library, you can thank Greg. He was at the vanguard of the Library Parcel Measure Committee which has kept the San Rafael City Library operating with full services. 

Greg was instrumental in three times passing a Paramedic Parcel Measure, which supplemented the Fire Department budget allowing for no cost paramedic rides. He also stood in the steering committees for the San Rafael Public Safety Measure and the Measure C Fire Safety Parcel. This work resulted in three new fire stations, a public safety building and increased wildfire preparedness.

On The San Rafael School Board

For the past seventeen years, Greg has served on the San Rafael School board, including three terms as president. His work has included advocating for our most marginalized students. He worked with the county to see that the families of students who receive free or reduced lunches are also receiving CalFresh benefits at home – ensuring that every student is food secure both on and off campus. Greg led the effort to create magnet schools, while defeating powerful private interests that have thrice tried to divert much needed funds to create charters. On the school board, Greg has stood for our students, teachers and classified staff.