Dedicated to Public Health

Played Leadership Role in Four Critical Ballot Measures:

  • 2020 Wildfire Prevention Measure. As steering committee member and the North San Rafael field coordinator, Greg helped pass increased wildfire prevention including early detection, warning and alerts; ensuring defensible space around homes and critical infrastructure; and improving disaster evacuation routes.
  • Measure E (2013). As a member of the steering committee, Greg helped successfully pass Measure E to fund critical fire and emergency services including a new public safety building and three new fire stations.
  • No Cost Paramedic Measure (2006). Ran the successful campaign to provide no out of pocket cost to the patient paramedic rides. Provided advanced heart attack treatment and kept trained paramedics on fire engine companies.
  • Paramedic Funding Measure (1999). Served on the steering committee and ran the campaign for lifesaving measure that insured quick paramedic response times

A Public Education Leader

  • Served on the San Rafael School board for last 17 years, including three terms as president.
  • Worked with the county to provide families of students who receive free or reduced lunches with CalFresh benefits at home – ensuring that every student is food secure both on and off campus.
  • Led the effort to create magnet schools, while defeating powerful private interests that continued to try to divert much needed funds to create charters.
  • Holds a BA from UCSB, where he was the 1970 student body president, and a master’s in governance from the California chool Boards Association.

A Dedicated Environmentalist

  • Co-founded RxSafe Marin, which has kept unused prescription drugs out of our landfills and water supply by making drug companies pay for drug drop-off boxes and for programs that have reduced the number of opioid prescriptions by 40%.
  • Spearheaded the Del Ganado Gateway Project, which raised over $200,000 to re-create the SantaMargarita Creek as a beautiful native plant median.

A Community Builder

  • Former President, Vice-President, and Co-founder of the Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association in Terra Linda.
  • Long-time member and past president of the Mission San Rafael Rotary Club, serving the vocational scholarship programs.
  • Campaigned for additional funding keeping the San Rafael Library operating with full services.
  • Owner of a union-friendly print shop in San Rafael for 36 years and member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce since 1983.